Chiropractic Physicians are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system.  Historically, they represent a broad range of philosophical interests in primary non-surgical spinal health care.  Though not limited to simple vertebral adjustments, most tend to view their health care treatments as nerve, bone and muscle related and their techniques, while varied, are designed to manually, and with other equipment, alter the tissues to achieve structural and injury homeostasis and repair.

The manipulation of soft tissues, the spine, and other joints with manual therapy is, for most chiropractors, perceived to be physiologically based.  They use exams and modern diagnostics to sort out clinically significant disturbances affecting patients’ physical health.  The American Medical Association, in l987, was found to engage in restraint of trade and conspiracy, which ended their de facto boycott of chiropractic.  The bias against this profession still lingers from this era.

The subjective experience that patients seek out from chiropractors results from techniques designed to maneuver the three joint complex of the spinal column, using thrust, or sudden force, which increases a joint’s range of motion.  Likewise, other joint problems can be mobilized through manual and other techniques.

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